Rotary Pineapple Man 2015

Rotary Pineapple Man Initiates Unique Cancellation Policy!


The 30th annual Rotary Pineapple Man Triathlon, scheduled for Sunday, June 7, will offer something new and different this year. Staying a leader often requires innovating new standards of excellence. The Melbourne Beach Rotary will initiate the next new standard by offering a full refund cancellation guarantee for 2015!

How can Pineapple Man offer such a guarantee? Very simply, the Rotary is committed and willing to step outside the comfort zone just as athletes do in their day-to-day training. The Rotary also understands life is full of unexpected events and injuries. So, should you need to cancel your registration, Pineapple Man wants to help! Three weeks notice (5-18-15) must be given to take advantage of the cancellation refund and a $5 added cancellation premium will be absorbed in the current registration price. After receiving your three-week cancellation notice, they will issue a full refund, less the $5 premium, within 30 days of the race. So, there’s no longer a need for rollover entries.009A

Terms of the cancellation notification refund guarantee will be shown on the Pineapple Man Triathlon website. For members of relay teams, the cancellation premium of $5 will extend to each team member. Those who pre-registered prior to March 1 at a lower price, may still purchase the “cancellation notification refund guarantee” by mailing the $5 premium made payable to: Rotary Club of Melbourne Beach, PO Box 510152,  Melbourne Beach,  32951.002A

Pineapple Man has sold out each of the past eight years and is expected to reach its cap again in 2015. With the new refund guarantee, there’s no reason to wait and pay extra as the entry fee climbs. Plus, the Race Committee is extending the current registration fee structure through the end of March.

Pineapple Man 2015 registration form

Pineapple Man List of Entries 2015

Pineapple Man 2015 official Rotary website

Don Riordan, Race Director email address: 

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Transition Zone and Parking Maps 


Entry: 2/22/15

Swim Map              Bike Map             Run Map

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Notes about the maps: These are Map My Ride maps with features including full screen, mile marks and street views. The actual swim distance is .34 mile, not 3.1 and the course is measured with a marked rope prior to the race. The bike map route line has a tiny quirk at the intersection of Oak St. and A1A. Ignore this. The run map shows a green start arrow facing east. This arrow should be turned north .

 Contact race director Don Riordan for cancellation or the waiting list.