The KLD Gran Fondo!! Below, the four part video series.

Encoded to HD Vimeo, music from artists on

Turn up the volume and enjoy seeing some great riders!

GranFondo Part I (3 mins.)

GranFondo Part II (3:30 mins.)

GranFondo Part III (3 mins.)

GranFondo Part IV (7 mins.)

Thanks to all and especially Calixto Manuel

for letting me so close, recording angles rarely seen at 30+mph!

Gran Fondo 2013

I guess I’ve been slacking! My last post to the cycling page was for the 2012 Gran Fondo video. The links above are for four segments of the race held on Sunday, February 24, 2013 with proceeds benefiting the KLD Youth Foundation.

calixto manuel

 Calixto Manuel who won the road bike event holding a strong lead throughout the race and coverage of his ride is seen in the Part IV segment. Photo: Calixto Manuel on Rt. #520 with about 12 miles left to ride.

2012 Gran Fondo Brevard !

My first ever off-the-bike cycling video is finished! It was a terrific weekend with Saturday being a 50 mile warm-up ride to prep for the main event on Sunday. I did the 50 miler with  camera tucked under the saddle looking to the rear and those digital files look great but will need to wait for editing. Meanwhile, for your viewing pleasure here  is Sunday’s 123 mile ride.  At the break in the two spliced soundtracks is the exact moment of the Jos Chalmers amazing move on Deer Park Rd. You’ll see he drops back, then explodes up the middle to counter an attack by Ivan Dominguez. Ivan can’t sustain but Jos does, keeping his speed to widen the gap. The group hoped he wouldn’t be able to stay out alone.  From this point on, Jos was on his own with about 15 miles to ride solo for his win.

The video was made entirely with a GoProHero2 camera with fixed wide-angle lens taking in 170 degrees and no  viewfinder… pure point n’ shoot. Recorded in HD so raise the quality by clicking the ‘sprocket icon’ on the YouTube lower menu bar. Set to 720pHD (if you have a high speed connection) and adjust volume for Nabla.

Run time: 10:36

Gran Fondo Brevard Video                        


Time Results by    Photos by Curt Guy (lead car) on FaceBook

Photos by Prescott Enterprises. These  photographers used long telephoto still camera lenses vs. the GoPro video camera which is ultra-wide and requires being very close to the riders.

On a warm, beautiful day in Central Florida, four riders cycle a favorite training venue.