The Melbourne Village Bike-Pedway Trails


In the past week I added a new page under the banner. This page titled Melbourne Village Bike-pedways is devoted to the cause of creating a perimeter trail around and through the center of Melbourne Village.  Many MTB’ers and runners have known of the Village trail system and have used these trails for years.  However these are technically off-limits to anyone not belonging to the HOA, known as the American Homesteading Foundation to which almost all TMV residents belong. These trails are open to all just once each year for the annual Founders’ Day 3 mile run. As mayor of the Town of Melbourne Village I’m in a good position to advocate for a new set of trails that would be public and allow for additional competitive events. I invite you to click on the page title above or this link for the Bike-pedways for  photos, video, maps and narrative for this project.