Pineapple Man Triathlon Information Page

For athletes entered in the Rotary Pineapple Man  Triathlon, a page on My Enduro Sport. com   is devoted exclusively to the event.  You can find Map My Ride course maps in detail, a list of entries in alphabetical order and pre-race activities for Saturday. The NOAA Graphical forecast for June 3rd at 8am., just now posted, shows the following: temperature 77, humidity 75% , sky mostly clear and wind west at 10mph. 

Being forced to DNF on the run April 29th at St. Anthony’s Triathlon, I withdrew from Pineapple Man. I’ll not race again until my plantar fasciitus is gone and with fitness level restored. But I will be at the race  with others armed with video cameras and hopefully together we’ll produce a short movie to be seen on this website.

It won’t be easy watching from the sidelines.  Pineapple Man has always been a favorite event and was my very first triathlon in 2001, finishing 6th out of 7 in my M50-55 age group. The race only had 136 entries that year and being next to last in age group by a 12:01 margin could have turned me off  from ever doing it again.  Instead it served only to inspire me.

In years 2002 and 2006 I didn’t compete in the race.  But my history shows Pineapple Man has been very good to me on the eight past occassions, finishing 1st  four times and 2nd four times with only two people causing my losses… Dr. Tom Hoffman and my brother Tom Downey, each doing me in twice. Being the former having run a 2:25 marathon and the later awarded a St. Anthony’s Grandmasters’, my lower spot on the podium is sometimes expected when racing these guys!    

I mention this piece of personal history as evidence of how possible it can be to surprise ourselves at how far we can reach if we set realistic goals, then follow with effort.  When considering my 2001 Pineapple Man race and lessons since, I have to wonder… Being next to last, could it be that my worst ever finish was really my best?