Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) on My Enduro

Three months ago when creating My Enduro I knew there would be another sport  to add.  But with so much to learn about web publishing  I decided to wait.  While  there’s still much to learn,  my patience is limited and I can’t hold back.  It hit me full force in April at St. Anthony’s Triathlon when again meeting an athlete I’ve  known for  years.   “Rob, you won’t believe what I’ve been doing lately. I’m doing stand up paddle boarding five days a week and love it! It’s really improved my swimming core strength,” he exclaimed with bursting enthusiasm.

Just as with bicycling, there is a wide range of interests in the realm of SUP . People can experience a mellow cruise through canals and around spoil islands, challenge the surf , cross train for other sports or race on a marked course. There are boards designed for every purpose and level. Regardless of where somone  lives on The Spacecoast they are probably no more then fifteen miles from a source of lessons and equipment and a good place to launch. Below is a partial list of sources with weblinks.

SoBe Surf   Cocoa Beach

Calema Windsurfing and Watersports  Merritt Island-Kelly Park

Epic Boardsports  Cocoa Beach

Surf Guys Surf  Cocoa Beach & Melbourne Beach

Maui B’s Cocoa Beach

Paddleboard House  Indialantic

Riding His Waters  Indialantic

A reason to quickly get SUP on My Enduro are two items  of interest to anyone considering  the sport. Friday, May 25th at 6:30 Epic Boardsports will host a free demo session in Cocoa Beach. Click the link above for Epic and contact them to get details and reserve a board.

Hans Wagner of Riding His Waters has organized an event on Saturday, June 2nd, the day before Pineapple Man. Contact Hans by email: or 321-720-1779. The orange banner provides some of the information.

During the decade of the 1980’s I traveled around Florida competing in course racing sailboards. When surfsailing short boards became my exclusive  passion the long boards were stashed away. While these hulls are far from being shapes I would favor for a paddleboard, after twenty years of rest they will soon be re-awakened to a purpose never imagined when sailed on race courses long ago!