Bridge to Bridge Swim, Sunday, July 1st

Details are yet to be determined but anyone thinking about this year’s Bridge to Bridge Swim should put the date of Sunday, July 1st on their calendar. There are now six weeks to prepare for the challenge of the 3.7 mile swim between Melbourne’s causeways.The swim continues a tradition three-time Double IronMan competitor Dave Underill has pursued for many years.

 In 2011, the number of swimmers doubled from 2010 to a total of 25 coming from Brevard and Indian River Counties. Many were elite triathletes, IronMan competitors and Masters open water swimmers. There were also a few like myself who like swimming but are not at all fast. My time was 2:20 as compared to some who did the distance in under 1:20. Normally everyone re-groups at the first sandbar after which there is an all out dash to complete the remaining distance. Some people have approached the distance in relay style, switching places in a shared kayak.

Last year I asked Mark Dirga to be the lead kayak and follow up with a report. Here is an excerpt:         

” As we rounded the last point, Colby Mack followed me on a direct line to the pier.  The others in the lead group moved closer to the shore and took a slightly longer route.  Colby was the first to arrive and promptly climbed the beams to the top of the pier.  There were some people including fishermen who stopped what they were doing to watch as the athletes made their impressive approach.  It was very cool!  There was a line of swimmers and kayak escorts for as far as the eye could see.” 

The start is tentatively planned for 7:00am with a ladder waiting at the Indialantic Pier for finishers. A portable generator, blender and  mixology talents of Dave Underill allowed everyone last year to enjoy Pina Coladas from the tailgate of his truck at the finish! This event is not a race, there are no awards and no entry cost. However, last year no one could say they went home empty handed. Everyone was treated to a commemorative  T-Shirt donated by Mark and Kelly Palace of Palace Properties International!

If interested please email me ASAP, Rob Downey, as we need to coordinate kayak and SUP escorts  people are encouraged to provide for themselves.  Those who meet for this swim are expected to assume all liability for their own safety and welfare without presumption that anyone other than their own escort will be available to offer assistance or rescue. Swimmers often do arrange to share an escort. Photo: Swimmers and escorts prep for the Aug 29, 2010 swim.