Cancels July 29th Melbourne Beach Triathlon

This notice came directly from the Multrace Weekly update, along with other changes to their schedule:

“Cancelled Melbourne Beach Triathlon on July 29th – We strongly considered not bringing this event back for 2012 in the first place but we were contacted by the local triathletes about taking over the Battle of the Bridges Triathlon, which would have given us 2 races in the area, not counting our involvement in Pineappleman.  So, we put it on the schedule.  As it turns out, the Battle of the Bridges was nearly impossible to take over due to many factors.  This left the Melbourne Beach Triathlon with many strikes against it:

1.Only 1 race in that area.  That makes marketing expensive and difficult.  Multiple races allow for    more bang for the buck with marketing.

2. It was one of our smallest and least profitable events to begin with.

3. Our July schedule was looking too brutal.                                                      

4. There were only 24 people registered, so it was easy to cancel.” 

The change is unfortunate with three fewer triathlons in Brevard then in 2011. Many people were unhappy with last year’s beach run at high tide and flat tires on the bike course caused by furniture tacks.  It’s doubtful those problems would have  been repeated.  However, we must remember the costs of conducting a triathlon have grown high and are in many ways, a substantial gamble on the part of organizers. Maybe in the future some of what was gained and now lost will come again, hoping too that MultiRace is successful with the rest of it’s 2012 schedule. Photo: Last year’s agonizing-to-watch beach run.