Month: May 2012

Pineapple Man Triathlon Information Page

For athletes entered in the Rotary Pineapple Man  Triathlon, a page on My Enduro Sport. com   is devoted exclusively to the event.  You can find Map My Ride course maps in detail, a list of entries in alphabetical order and pre-race activities for Saturday. The NOAA Graphical forecast for June 3rd at 8am., just now posted, shows the following: temperature 77, humidity 75% , sky mostly clear and wind west at 10mph. 

Being forced to DNF on the run April 29th at St. Anthony’s Triathlon, I withdrew from Pineapple Man. I’ll not race again until my plantar fasciitus is gone and with fitness level restored. But I will be at the race  with others armed with video cameras and hopefully together we’ll produce a short movie to be seen on this website.

It won’t be easy watching from the sidelines.  Pineapple Man has always been a favorite event and was my very first triathlon in 2001, finishing 6th out of 7 in my M50-55 age group. The race only had 136 entries that year and being next to last in age group by a 12:01 margin could have turned me off  from ever doing it again.  Instead it served only to inspire me.

In years 2002 and 2006 I didn’t compete in the race.  But my history shows Pineapple Man has been very good to me on the eight past occassions, finishing 1st  four times and 2nd four times with only two people causing my losses… Dr. Tom Hoffman and my brother Tom Downey, each doing me in twice. Being the former having run a 2:25 marathon and the later awarded a St. Anthony’s Grandmasters’, my lower spot on the podium is sometimes expected when racing these guys!    

I mention this piece of personal history as evidence of how possible it can be to surprise ourselves at how far we can reach if we set realistic goals, then follow with effort.  When considering my 2001 Pineapple Man race and lessons since, I have to wonder… Being next to last, could it be that my worst ever finish was really my best?

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) on My Enduro

Three months ago when creating My Enduro I knew there would be another sport  to add.  But with so much to learn about web publishing  I decided to wait.  While  there’s still much to learn,  my patience is limited and I can’t hold back.  It hit me full force in April at St. Anthony’s Triathlon when again meeting an athlete I’ve  known for  years.   “Rob, you won’t believe what I’ve been doing lately. I’m doing stand up paddle boarding five days a week and love it! It’s really improved my swimming core strength,” he exclaimed with bursting enthusiasm.

Just as with bicycling, there is a wide range of interests in the realm of SUP . People can experience a mellow cruise through canals and around spoil islands, challenge the surf , cross train for other sports or race on a marked course. There are boards designed for every purpose and level. Regardless of where somone  lives on The Spacecoast they are probably no more then fifteen miles from a source of lessons and equipment and a good place to launch. Below is a partial list of sources with weblinks.

SoBe Surf   Cocoa Beach

Calema Windsurfing and Watersports  Merritt Island-Kelly Park

Epic Boardsports  Cocoa Beach

Surf Guys Surf  Cocoa Beach & Melbourne Beach

Maui B’s Cocoa Beach

Paddleboard House  Indialantic

Riding His Waters  Indialantic

A reason to quickly get SUP on My Enduro are two items  of interest to anyone considering  the sport. Friday, May 25th at 6:30 Epic Boardsports will host a free demo session in Cocoa Beach. Click the link above for Epic and contact them to get details and reserve a board.

Hans Wagner of Riding His Waters has organized an event on Saturday, June 2nd, the day before Pineapple Man. Contact Hans by email: or 321-720-1779. The orange banner provides some of the information.

During the decade of the 1980’s I traveled around Florida competing in course racing sailboards. When surfsailing short boards became my exclusive  passion the long boards were stashed away. While these hulls are far from being shapes I would favor for a paddleboard, after twenty years of rest they will soon be re-awakened to a purpose never imagined when sailed on race courses long ago!

Ride For Hope, Saturday May 26th


Registration        12 Mile map         36 Mile map         80 Mile map 

Registration will be open at 7:00a.m. Saturday morning.

8:oo a.m. start for  36 and 80 mile rides 

9:00 a.m. start for the 12 mile ride.  

Map to start location at Bob’s Bicycle Shop

510 East Eau Gallie Blvd.
Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937

(2 blocks west of A1A)

The ride will be supported by the Texas Roadhouse Grill on Eau Gallie Blvd., IHB

Entry contributes to the funding of counceling services provided by the New Hope Counceling Center based in Satellite Beach.

New Hope Counseling Center is a full-service outpatient counseling center dedicated to providing a faith-based counseling alternative for children, adolescents, young adults, couples, and families in the Space Coast Area. Those who seek help will find a credentialed, professional staff, offering a unique approach that is tailored to the needs of the individual client.

Bridge to Bridge Swim, Sunday, July 1st

Details are yet to be determined but anyone thinking about this year’s Bridge to Bridge Swim should put the date of Sunday, July 1st on their calendar. There are now six weeks to prepare for the challenge of the 3.7 mile swim between Melbourne’s causeways.The swim continues a tradition three-time Double IronMan competitor Dave Underill has pursued for many years.

 In 2011, the number of swimmers doubled from 2010 to a total of 25 coming from Brevard and Indian River Counties. Many were elite triathletes, IronMan competitors and Masters open water swimmers. There were also a few like myself who like swimming but are not at all fast. My time was 2:20 as compared to some who did the distance in under 1:20. Normally everyone re-groups at the first sandbar after which there is an all out dash to complete the remaining distance. Some people have approached the distance in relay style, switching places in a shared kayak.

Last year I asked Mark Dirga to be the lead kayak and follow up with a report. Here is an excerpt:         

” As we rounded the last point, Colby Mack followed me on a direct line to the pier.  The others in the lead group moved closer to the shore and took a slightly longer route.  Colby was the first to arrive and promptly climbed the beams to the top of the pier.  There were some people including fishermen who stopped what they were doing to watch as the athletes made their impressive approach.  It was very cool!  There was a line of swimmers and kayak escorts for as far as the eye could see.” 

The start is tentatively planned for 7:00am with a ladder waiting at the Indialantic Pier for finishers. A portable generator, blender and  mixology talents of Dave Underill allowed everyone last year to enjoy Pina Coladas from the tailgate of his truck at the finish! This event is not a race, there are no awards and no entry cost. However, last year no one could say they went home empty handed. Everyone was treated to a commemorative  T-Shirt donated by Mark and Kelly Palace of Palace Properties International!

If interested please email me ASAP, Rob Downey, as we need to coordinate kayak and SUP escorts  people are encouraged to provide for themselves.  Those who meet for this swim are expected to assume all liability for their own safety and welfare without presumption that anyone other than their own escort will be available to offer assistance or rescue. Swimmers often do arrange to share an escort. Photo: Swimmers and escorts prep for the Aug 29, 2010 swim.

Pineapple Man, Everyone In! Route Maps and 2011 Videos

Approximately 50 people had asked to be placed on the waiting list and based on cancellations, all of those people who had patiently wondered have been awarded slots. Once again, thanks to those who realised their plans would need to change for June 3rd.  Early registration and close-out inevitably results in this dilemea but  resolved when people notify the race director.

New today May 19th on the Rotary Pineapple Man Page are the Map My Ride maps of the three courses and four videos of the 2011 race created by Destination Brevard

In D.C, Ironman 70.3 National Harbor Canceled

Under strange and dubious circumstances, the organizers were asked by the offical World Triathlon Organization “to stay silent” until the WTO was ready to make the announcement. The event was to have been raced on August 5th. It should be noted that Washington Sports & Event Management LLC had been licensed to hold the event using the WTO name. The WTO was apparently worried the cancellation would ‘hurt the brand’ and convinced WSEM to hold back on the announcement even after it was known that entry numbers were below what was needed to make the race profitable. More can be learned at the Washingtonian and at StrideNation and for even more, Trijuice. This and other cancellations continue to prove producing triathlons can be an expensive and somewhat risky business proposition.